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Everything is Black and White


Black and white week this week at massage.

It is very easy and to recreate this activity for your baby at home. It is cheap and cheerful too!
Anything you have at home will do nicely, or you could go to charity shops and pick up odds and ends cheaply.

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Poo Talk

potty poos

I went to see a family today, and they were really worried that their three year old is still not using the toilet or potty for poos.

This is so common, and nothing to worry about.

I have some tips to help with the transition from nappies/pull ups to the toilet or potty.

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Amber Magic?

amber ankles

I see so many babies wearing Amber Anklets in my massage classes, and their parents are raving about them!

There is no medical research to say that they work, but I have to admit, that Emily wore one for nearly three years of her life!

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It's the way you say it

choice consq

The way you say something to a child can make a big difference to how they react to you, especially when they are on the verge of a tantrum!

Choices and consequences is a great way to diffuse a situation, and allows children to understand that their actions have consequences.

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Time out for you

keep calm‘Time out’ doesn't just have to be for the little people in your house. Taking yourself off, and counting to 10 (or 100 if you need a little longer!!) can make a big difference in the way you respond to your child’s behaviour.

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