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'Breastfeeding Basket' for Toddlers


Have you got toddler and in the early weeks of having a new baby? Or are you expecting one soon?

If you are in this position, this tip may be useful for you.


Put together a special ‘feeding basket’ for your toddler, for each time you are sitting feeding your baby. Put in toys, books and a doll that they haven’t seen before. Things like sticker books, or fuzzy felt work really well as you can help them with one hand.

It is nice to put a doll in the basket, as then your child can ‘feed’ their baby like you are doing with their brother or sister.

If you are breastfeeding, lots of toddlers pretend to breastfeed as well, it is really cute, and keeps them entertained while you are tied up with feeding!

Pop to the pound shop and get a few things each week to add in, so there is always something new in there for them to find!! Give it a go!!