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Did you know...

Boys have surges of testosterone between two- four years and again when they are seven.

When they are having these surges, they become very much more aggressive, and physical. They hit out a lot more, can kick things and be generally more angry. The testonsterone leaves the body through the hands and feet, which is why they are more inclined to use them regularly during this time.


This is totally normal, and just a phase the body is going through. The surges can happen all of a sudden, with no build up, so you might find that your calm, chilled little man becomes a different boy overnight, again, this is very normal!

Things you can do to help them through this phase.....

*Take them for long walks, where they can run off the extra energy.

*Play football, and allow them to kick in a positive way.

*Get some old paintbrushes, and let them paint your fences, using big movements with their arms, up and round and round.

*Offer extra cuddles..... you know how it feels to be hormonal! 

*If they are 7, talk to them about how they are feeling, get some ‘Feelings Cards’ and talk them through the emotions, ask them of any of the faces look like how they are feeling.

* Provide a safe, secure place they can go if they are feeling angry, maybe a beanbag in the corner of their bedroom with some of their favourite toys, for when they need some time to themselves.

Growing up is tough for little ones at times!

Ruth xx