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Poo Talk

potty poos

I went to see a family today, and they were really worried that their three year old is still not using the toilet or potty for poos.

This is so common, and nothing to worry about.

I have some tips to help with the transition from nappies/pull ups to the toilet or potty.

💩 Allow your child to have a pull up/nappy if they ask for one.

This shows that they understand the sensation of needing a poo and that they need a nappy on.
By not letting them have the nappy, they are likely to get stressed out and hold their poo, which can quickly cause Constipation.

💩 Put the nappies/pull ups in a basket in the bathroom, and put them on your child in there, so they get used to poo’ing in the bathroom.

💩Put some books in the bathroom for them to look at while they are ‘going’!

💩When they have finished, tip the poo into the toilet, let them flush it away and wash their hands, so they get used to the bathroom routine.

💩Praise them for going to the toilet, even if they have poo’ed in the nappy or pull up.

💩If you can, swap to pull ups so that your child can have some independence, and put the pull up on for themselves.

Remember, all children are different, and they all potty train at different ages. 😄