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Routine at bedtime?

I was talking to a lovely lady about bedtime routines in my massage class today.....

There is a lot of pressure around bedtime, but how important is a routine at bedtime?

It is true to say that it is good to introduce a relaxed bedtime routine early on. You can start to establish a predictable bedtime routine from about two-three months, as you start to understand your baby, and they get in to a (changeable!) pattern of feeding and sleeping during the day.

Don't make things too complicated for yourself, this routine can be as simple as having a bath, then a feed, then putting them down to bed, it would be a great idea to get some massage in there too!!

This will teach your baby to go to sleep in the same way each night, although it may take a while for them to catch on!

Don't worry about what the clock says, babies can't tell the time!! The main thing is to make sure you are consistent, as is key to a successful bedtime routine!
Also, getting your baby into a pattern at bedtime will enable you to get your evenings back!

Be prepared that things may disrupt this routine, such as growth spurts, immunisations, being somewhere different, don't panic, just keep being consistent, and your little one will soon slip back into the pattern you have created!

Don't forget though, time goes so fast, and ultimately you know your little one and your lifestyle best!

Do what feels

Right for you xx