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Time out for you

keep calm‘Time out’ doesn't just have to be for the little people in your house. Taking yourself off, and counting to 10 (or 100 if you need a little longer!!) can make a big difference in the way you respond to your child’s behaviour.

If you can feel yourself losing control, get down to your child’s level, and say to them, “Mummy is going to have some time by herself, because your behaviour is making me very sad”. If you have other children, either take them with you, or leave them somewhere safe.

After you have had 5/10 minutes out, go back to your child and ask them to apologise for their behaviour. Once they say sorry (or cuddle you if the word sorry is a no go!) spend some time with them, reading a book, watching tv, drawing a picture and move on.

Your child will not like you leaving them, and quite often it is a big reason for them not to repeat be behaviour again. Try it, it really works!!