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Everything is Black and White


Black and white week this week at massage.

It is very easy and to recreate this activity for your baby at home. It is cheap and cheerful too!
Anything you have at home will do nicely, or you could go to charity shops and pick up odds and ends cheaply.

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Poo Talk

potty poos

I went to see a family today, and they were really worried that their three year old is still not using the toilet or potty for poos.

This is so common, and nothing to worry about.

I have some tips to help with the transition from nappies/pull ups to the toilet or potty.

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Amber Magic?

amber ankles

I see so many babies wearing Amber Anklets in my massage classes, and their parents are raving about them!

There is no medical research to say that they work, but I have to admit, that Emily wore one for nearly three years of her life!

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It's the way you say it

choice consq

The way you say something to a child can make a big difference to how they react to you, especially when they are on the verge of a tantrum!

Choices and consequences is a great way to diffuse a situation, and allows children to understand that their actions have consequences.

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Time out for you

keep calm‘Time out’ doesn't just have to be for the little people in your house. Taking yourself off, and counting to 10 (or 100 if you need a little longer!!) can make a big difference in the way you respond to your child’s behaviour.

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'Breastfeeding Basket' for Toddlers


Have you got toddler and in the early weeks of having a new baby? Or are you expecting one soon?

If you are in this position, this tip may be useful for you.

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Offering Water At Night

Blog 4

A good way to deter night waking (in babies over six months) is to offer them water in a cup instead of a milk feed. 

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AIMH - Teaching Babies to Self Soothe

Blog 2

Have you got a little one, who is under six months who you struggle to put down for sleeps (or at all!) during the day? Have you got a little one, who is under six months who you struggle to put down for sleeps (or at all!) during the day? 

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Mums Having Time for Themselves

Blog 1

Today I spent the morning with some lovely new Mums.  

We talked about the impact that having a newborn baby has on your life, your relationship with your partner, and also your mood.

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Baby Massage

Blog 3


Baby Massage has been proven to raise the levels of Oxytocin in the bodies of Mums and Babies. 

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Why is ‘Tummy Time’ so Important for Babies?

baby hot sleeping t

After extensive research being done into SIDS and cot death, we are now advised to put our babies to sleep on their backs, with their feet to the end of the cot to promote their safety and minimise the risk.

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Tips for encouraging Speech Development

speech dev

Speech development is something that often has parents worrying.

“Is he saying enough words?” “Can anybody else understand her?” “Why aren’t they speaking?”

Do these questions sound familiar to you?

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Sleep Associations

sleep associations

I only offer sleep consultations to babies over six months, as I feel that implementing any kind of ‘sleep training’ before this can be detrimental to their emotional well being.

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Why Does My Child Hit Other Children?

angry childThis is a very common problem for children between one - three years.

Often the hitting occurs because the child is frustrated and is trying to get his/her point across to others.

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How Does Play Develop?

childrens play smChildren go through many stages of play in their early years, and each stage helps them to build skills and confidence to move on the next, until eventually they are happy to seek out other children to play together and form friendships.

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