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Sleep Support

Sleep can present numerous challenges to parents and families in the first few years of welcoming a baby. Having a good amount of sleep is such an important part of being able to function and manage day to day life, and being a parent makes this even more necessary!

After researching the emotional effect on children who have been 'Sleep Trained’, I don't offer my full ‘Sleep Support’ package to families who have a baby under 6 months. Before this age, the techniques are not suitable, and can be very distressing for both you and your baby. All of the techniques I advocate are gentle, and are appropriate for all children over six months of age. Before that time, we need to respond to baby's needs and cues, and, if we don't, they can become very unsettled, as they need to feel safe and secure. This can also increase the risk of Sleep Regression.

I offer alternative consultations for babies up to six months, where I will support you to implement routines during the day, and also offer tips on how you can help your baby learn to self-settle.

Many of the people who come to me for help have tried various methods and found them to be unsuccessful, for many reasons. The most common reason was that the parents didn't feel supported, or able to be consistent.

Consistency is the key with any kind of ‘training’ whether it is sleep or behavior related, so I pride myself on the support I offer to my clients.

During a ‘Sleep Support Package’ we will have a consultation, ideally in your home, or over the phone or Skype. We will discuss the problem and what you would like to change. I will then talk you through the different techniques you can use, and you can tell me which one will work best for you and your family. I will provide you with a personalised ‘Sleep Plan’ for you to implement. You will have my support for as long as you need it, at least 4 weeks. We will make time to review the plan and make changes if necessary.


Sleep consultation Package - You will receive a personalised sleep plan, plus four weeks of additional support via phone/Skype/email. - £150

1:1 ‘Bedtime’ Support - £25 per hour, minimum charge of £50 per visit.

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